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Hundreds of volunteers help keep animals calm at Sacramento shelter during July 4th fireworks

Sacramento animal shelter volunteers help keep animals at ease this Independence Day
Sacramento animal shelter volunteers help keep animals at ease this Independence Day 02:29

SACRAMENTO — The Fourth of July can be a very stressful time for animals with all the booms and pops of fireworks going off.

More than 270 volunteers are spending their Fourth of July helping keep animals calm at the Bradshaw Shelter. The loud booms and bangs on Independence Day can be very stressful for pets, especially ones confined to a cage.

That's why Sacramento County invites community members to read, sing and play music for animals in its kennels.

"They're all really calm," said. "They're not stressed at all."

It's a program that's been around since 2019 and is growing in popularity.

"We have a number of firework shows around the shelter here and of course, a number of illegal fireworks so this is just an opportunity to bring the public in and let them spend time with the animals," said Celeste Ingrid, the program coordinator.

Ingrid said that individual attention helps keep these furry friends from getting anxious over the sounds of explosions.

"Many times, they fall asleep in the kennels," she said. "It's really super great."

She said that the shelter is already at capacity and filling up with strays. This is often the busiest time of year for animal control officers.

"The 5th of July is crazy, and not just the 5th of July but the weeks following because it's not like every animal is going to be picked up and brought in the next day," Ingrid said. "There are animals that are going to be out there for weeks."

The shelter is hoping this event might even spark a connection and some of the cute critters get the freedom of a new forever home.

"We're hoping to catch the eyes of some prospective adopters," Ingrid said.

Animal control officials said that if your pet does run away, start checking online and shelters in your area right away.

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter is offering free redemption fees for people who lose their pets over the holiday.

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